Registration Details

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Key Dates

March 28, 2024: Registration Opens

May 1, 2024: Committee to Begin Reviewing (and Potentially Accepting Based on Event Capacities) Entries from Provisional List

May 20, 2024: Registration Deadline for Provisional Entries

May 21, 2024: Final Entry Updates Published for Provisional Entries

May 22, 2024: Deadline to update Team Name/Alias

May 23, 2024: Registration Deadline to be Included on Meet Shirt

May 24, 2024: Registration Deadline for Personalized Bibs

June 5, 2024: Early Registration Deadline

June 8, 2024: Late Registration Deadline for Auto Entries

June 8, 2024: Deadline to Update Seeds and Final Relay Lineups

Competition Dates

June 13-16, 204 Franklin Field

Entry Fees

Individual $50 ($75 after 6/5)

Decathlon/Heptathlon $175 ($200 after 6/5)

Relay $200 ($250 after 6/5)

NBN Backpacks

All athletes will receive an NBNO backpack with their registration. Backpacks will be handed out at packet pickup on event weekend. Backpacks must be picked-up in-person, by the registered individual and will not be shipped out to athletes after the meet. Relay alternates to not receive backpacks. 


General Entry Rules


The meet is for athletes currently enrolled in grades 6-12. Athletes below 6th grade
and above 12th grade are not eligible.

Championship Division is for 7th – 12th graders only.
The Freshman Division is for 9th graders only.
The Middle School Division is for 6th – 8th graders only. Middle school athletes may not compete in that division if they are older than 15 years old by June 2024 or have entered high school.

An athlete who is older than 19 years old by June 2024 will not be eligible to compete in this meet.

7th & 8th graders can only participate in a championship relay if all of the following are true:

The athlete already competes for their high school team, and

The athlete attends a school in the same district, and

Their state allows 7th and 8th graders to compete in high school events.

** Please confirm with your state association if you have any questions.

Athletes may register under unattached or under their club/team. If the club/team will send a relay team, including your athlete who qualified in an individual event, then the club/team should register your athlete for their individual event on Once the athlete is registered, their unattached or club/team affiliation cannot be switched. Registering with both will result in a duplicate athlete and any duplicate athletes risk disqualification.

Automatic vs. Provisional Entry

**New For 2024**


In order to create the highest caliber experience for all athletes, coaches, and spectators, we have adopted a new qualification system for 2024. While there will no longer be a rising stars division, we have increased the capacity in the championship division. If you achieve the automatic qualifier in the middle school, freshman, and championship divisions and register correctly, you will be accepted into the meet (the lone exception is the decathlon and the heptathlon which will cap at the first 16 athletes to enter and pay). There are no capacity limits for automatic qualifiers. If you achieve the provisional standard, you will be kept on a waiting list and we will alert all athletes three weeks prior to the event of their acceptances. If you hit the automatic standard from the provisional list, you will also be accepted into the meet. Provisional list acceptances will be entirely dependent on the number of automatic qualifiers in each event.

Registration Process


All athletes registering on are not accepted into the meet upon registration. The seeding committee will process your entry within 48 hours and then you will receive your first email notification. You will receive a PROVISIONAL/WAITLIST, PENDING, or REJECTION notification. 

If you receive a PENDING notification: This entry is entered and the mark has been verified. This entry will remain pending until payment is made. The athlete is not officially entered into the meet until payment is received. Once payment is received, the athlete will be marked as ACCEPTED and they will be entered into the meet. 

If you receive an ACCEPTANCE notification: The entry has been verified by the Seeding Committee for hitting the automatic qualifying standard and the entry has been paid for. The athlete will be competing in the accepted event. The only further action required would be to update your seed time with a link to the new mark/result if you improve your mark/time throughout the season. 

If you receive a PROVISIONAL/WAITLIST notification: The athlete has been verified by the Seeding Committee for hitting the provisional qualifying standard but not the automatic qualifying standard. You will not yet be able to pay for your entry fees and you are not currently accepted into the meet. You have been added to the provisional list for that event and this list will be organized by seed. The Seeding Committee will begin processing entries on the provisional list starting on May 1st, 2024. All provisional seeds must be updated by 11:59 PM on May 20th, 2024. On May 21st, 2024, we will determine how many open slots are available and process all provisional entries. If an event reaches capacity before May 20th 2024, we will no longer pull from the provisional entries and notify everyone immediately. 

If you receive a REJECTION notification: The Seeding Committee processed the entry and rejected the entry for one (or more) of the following reasons: (1) The entry does not satisfy the automatic or provisional standard, (2) The entry does not satisfy the qualifying rules stated below, (3) The entry was incomplete for longer than 24 hours. 

Note: Once an entry has been rejected, an athlete can reapply only if and when they hit the automatic standard. The entry can be updated on by the late registration deadline of June 8th, 2024.

Please do not register for an event with a blank mark. Only register for an event when you have the standard.

Qualifying Rules


Qualifying marks should be made in official meets using USATF, NFHS, or college rules. Virtual meet marks are not accepted. Projected marks and time trial marks will be rejected. Dual meet marks are only acceptable if there is FAT and complete results available online.

Hand time marks will be accepted for the middle school division as long as evidence of the result is posted online. If online results are not available, please consult with the meet director or timer of the meet your athlete qualified in to get results posted online.

Our seeding committee will verify all marks using various online ranking sites. Whenever possible please include the meet name, date, location and if possible a link to results. Asking meet directors and timers to submit results to would be much appreciated and save all of us a lot of time. The best links for our seeding committee to review will be the direct online result to the athlete’s mark, their MileSplit or profile that lists the relevant mark, or the full results to the meet they qualified at, in that order.

Relay Entry Rules


All relay team members must attain the same high school or be on the same high school team. THERE WILL BE NO ALL-STAR RELAYS AT THE NEW BALANCE NATIONAL OUTDOOR MEET. Teams will be disqualified if they run a relay with athletes from different high schools.

Relay teams should qualify with marks made from either indoor 2023-2024 or 2024 spring track.

Relay composite times will be accepted in all relay events if the individual marks were made after December 2023. In order to use composites for a relay, marks must be run in open races. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RELAY SPLITS FOR A COMPOSITE MARK. The ONLY exception to this rule is we are allowing teams to use a 1200m relay split to assist with a composite DMR. This 1200m split must be FAT and verifiable in online results. The 1200m leg in the DMR can also be a projection using the Runnerspace Purdy Conversion, but that athlete must have a verifiable race at least 1000m in length. Our seeding committee reserves the right to adjust the time.

When calculating composite relay times, no adjustments can be made for athletes having running starts. You simply have to add up the fastest FAT times they have from open races.

Individual Entry Rules


The Seeding Committee will make altitude adjustments where appropriate and will use the NCAA altitude conversion calculator. To make sure we convert your mark please email with the subject “altitude”.

FAT 4×8 Relay splits may be used to enter the 800m. 1600m relay splits from a DMR can be used to enter the mile. No other relay splits will be allowed.

Entries by the same athlete in the same event are not allowed, as in the Championship and Freshman 400m. If an athlete’s mark is superior to the championship standard, that is where they should compete. The seeding committee reserves the right to move athletes up and down accordingly.

DECATHLON/HEPTATHLON ENTRY: The first 16 athletes who achieve the decathlon or heptathlon automatic standard, register, and pay for that event will be accepted. If you have the standard, we recommend registering as soon as possible!

5000M: We will not accept cross-country times for the 5000 meters.



Seeding is done with preference given to marks made during the current outdoor season.

Lane preference in relays will be given to teams with actual marks from this season as opposed to composite times or times from previous seasons.

If a composite time is significantly faster than an actual time the seeding committee may use the composite time instead.

The seeding committee reserves the right to use an extraordinary mark in a similar race distance for seeding purposes (i.e. an athlete who is ranked top 3 in the US in the 800 may be considered for the seeded section the 1 mile).

Priority will be given to teams who have run the actual relay vs. using a composite. We will weigh composite marks more heavily in the DMR, Shuttle Hurdles and 1600 SMR, specifically in states where the events are run infrequently or not at all.


Conversions For Seeding


The seeding committee will use the RunnerSpace Purdy Calculator when needed. The committee reserves the right to determine when a conversion is needed.

Any questions about seeding should be sent to meet management.


Transgender Athlete Policy

Eligibility rules for transgender athletes are in line with current USATF and World Athletics rules.

For any USATF competition or events operated using USATF rules [which includes New Balance Nationals Outdoor] as part of a USATF sanction and where age-group awards and/or prize money are at stake, an affected competitor(s) who has a valid reason to question the accuracy of the entry information of a prize- or award winning athlete may protest, either orally or in writing, against the prize- or award-winner with the referee during the respective meet, in accordance with the applicable rules for that event. If the matter cannot be immediately resolved, and all applicable appeals have been exhausted, the affected competitor may file a grievance within USATF, following the procedures described in Regulation 21 of the USATF Bylaws and Operating Regulations.