Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use open times and relay times for a composite time?

No. If you are going to use a composite time, all marks must be open. We will only accept a 1200m split for the 1200m leg of the DMR because this distance is only run in a relay.

I want to enter a DMR relay team but none of the relay members have run it or run the 1200m. How can I enter?

You can use a composite time for your relay which may include a 300 or 500 meter open time (for the 400 leg), a 600 or 1000 meter open time (for the 800 leg), an 800/1600/1 mile (for the 1200 leg), and a 1000/1600/1 mile open time (for the 1600 leg).

If our team achieves a qualifying time using composites, but we need to substitute one of the athletes out, is that okay?

No. Relay teams using composite times are not allowed alternates. If you need to substitute an athlete, the new athlete must still contribute to a qualifying composite time for the relay. Relay teams that don’t use the final 4 qualified athletes (athletes registered in slots A1-A4) or run an athlete that isn’t registered, will risk disqualification for that event.

Do alternates receive backpacks?

No they do not. The four athletes listed in the registration under spots A1-A4, who you anticipate will run at NBNO 2024, will receive backpacks.

I achieved the 5K standard from a cross-country race this fall, will you accept it?

Because there is such a large discrepancy between cross-country courses around the country, our seeding committee will use our discretion to accept a 5K mark. Marks that were achieved on well-known historical cross-country courses will take priority.

My profile has incorrect information (age, grade, name spelling, etc.) How can I update the information? can take care of updating this information, check out this article for instructions.

Will I be allowed to use starting blocks for NBNO 2024?

Yes! In all middle school, freshman, and championship events, starting blocks will be permitted in prelims, semi-finals, and finals.

How will awards work if there is no longer a Rising Stars Division?

National Champions across championship individual and relay events will receive awards. All-American Awards will be awarded to the top 6 athletes in individual Championship events and top 6 teams in Championship relays. All athletes in the top 6 of the Championship, Freshman, and Middle School divisions will receive medals.

I am registered as unattached but now I want to register under a team/club and run with a relay, how do I do that?

Unfortunately once you are registered as unattached, you are no longer able to switch to a team/club. We highly recommend that if you may run on a relay with a team, that you register under the team/clubs account.

Can I run in a relay with athletes from other high schools?

No. All relays must be made up of athletes from the same high school.

What do I do if my athlete improves their mark from their initial registration?

Coaches are responsible for updating their seed times up until registration ends in order to place their athlete in the appropriate section.

How do I apply for a press pass? 

If you are a media member and interest in obtaining a press pass for NBNO, please fill out the media request form here.