NBNO Awards

National Champions across championship individual and relay events will receive awards. All-American Awards will be awarded to the top 6 athletes in individual Championship events and top 6 teams in Championship relays. All athletes in the top 6 of the Championship, Freshman, and Middle School divisions will receive medals.

Award ceremonies for events will take place anywhere from 30-90 minutes after the conclusion of the event under the large scoreboard inside Franklin Field. The awards schedule can be found below.

Thursday Award Schedule

Middle School Boys Mile –  1:45pm
Middle School Girls Mile – 2:30pm
Freshman Boys Mile – 3:00pm
Freshman Girls Mile – 3:30pm
Freshman Boys Discus – 5:00pm
Middle School Boys 400m – 5:30pm
Middle School Girls 400m – 6:00pm
Middle School Girls 100m Hurdles – 6:15pm
Middle School Boys 110m Hurdles – 6:30pm
Middle School Girls 100m – 6:45pm
Middle School Boys 100m – 7:00pm
Boys 4xMile – 7:45pm
Freshman Girls Discus – 8:00pm
Freshman Girls Javelin – 8:15pm
Girls 4xMile – 8:30pm
Boys 5000m – 9:00pm
Girls 5000m – 9:30pm

Friday Award Schedule 
Middle School Boys 2 Mile – 10:30am
Middle School Girls 2 Mile – 11:00am
Freshman Boys 2 Mile – 12:00pm
Freshman Girls Pole Vault 12:30pm
Freshman Girls 2 Mile – 12:45pm
Freshman Boys Shot Put 1:15pm
Boys SMR – 1:30pm
Girls SMR – 2:15pm
Freshman Boys High Jump – 2:30pm
Championship Boys 400m Hurdles – 4:15pm
Freshman Boys 400m Hurdles – 4:30pm
Championship Girls 400m Hurdles – 5:00pm
Freshman Girls 400m Hurdles – 5:15pm
Middle School Boys Long Jump 5:30pm
Middle School Girls Long Jump 5:45pm
Freshman Girls Shot Put 6:00pm
Freshman Girls High Jump 6:15pm
Boys 4×800 – 6:45pm
Championship Boys Discus 7:00pm
Middle School Boys Shot Put 7:15pm
Girls 4×800 – 7:30pm
Boys 4×200 – 8:00pm
Girls 4×200 – 8:30pm
Freshman Boys Long Jump 8:45pm
Freshman Girls Long Jump 9:00pm
Freshman Boys Pole Vault 9:15pm
Championship Boys 2 Mile – 9:30pm
Championship Girls 2 Mile – 10:00pm

Saturday Award Schedule 
Boys Race Walk – 10:30am
Girls Race Walk – 11:00am
Middle School Boys 800m – 11:30am
Middle School Girls 800m – 11:45am
Middle School Girls Shot Put – 12:30pm
Championship Boys Hammer – 1:30pm
Championship Girls Pole Vault 2:50pm
Championship Boys 100m – 3:00pm
Championship Girls 100m – 3:15pm
Freshman Boys Triple Jump – 3:15pm
Freshman Girls Triple Jump – 3:30pm
Championship Girls High Jump – 4:00pm
Freshman Boys 400m – 4:30pm
Freshman Girls 400m – 4:45pm
Championship Boys 400m – 4:50pm
Championship Girls Shot Put – 5:00pm
Championship Girls 400m – 5:15pm
Freshman Boys 110m Hurdles – 5:30pm
Freshman Girls 100m Hurdles – 5:45pm
Championship Girls Hammer – 7:00pm
Middle School Boys 200m – 7:15pm
Middle School Girls 200m – 7:30pm
Freshman Boys 100m – 7:45pm
Freshman Girls 100m – 7:50pm
Freshman Boys Javelin – 7:55pm
Championship Boys Shot Put – 8:00pm
Championship Boys Pole Vault – 8:05pm
Championship Girls Triple Jump – 8:10pm
Championship Boys Triple Jump – 8:15pm
Championship Girls Discus 8:20pm
Championship Boys Mile – 8:30pm
Championship Girls Mile – 9:30pm
Boys Steeple 10:00pm
Girls Steeple 10:15pm

Sunday Awards Schedule 

Boys Shuttle Hurdles – 10:00am
Girls Shuttle Hurdles – 11:00am
Boys DMR – 11:30am
Girls DMR – 12:45pm
Championship Girls 100m Hurdles – 1:00pm
Championship Boys 110m Hurdles – 1:15pm
Girls 4x100m – 1:30pm
Boys 4x100m – 1:45pm
Freshman Girls 800m – 2:00pm
Freshman Boys 800m – 2:15pm
Championship Boys Javelin 2:30pm
Championship Girls 800m – 2:45pm
Championship Boys 800m – 3:00pm
Championship Boys Long Jump – 3:10pm
Championship Girls Long Jump – 3:20pm
Championship Boys 200m – 3:30pm
Championship Girls 200m – 3:40pm
Championship Boys High Jump – 3:50pm
Freshman Boys 200m – 4:00pm
Freshman Girls 200m – 4:15pm
Boys 4x400m – 4:15pm
Championship Girls Javelin 4:15pm
Girls 4x400m – 4:30pm